One-day Masterclasses
Venue: London WC1B 5JX

Learn the whole theory, alphabet and start taking dictation by the end of the day.
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Wednesday 11th September 2019

Teeline Shorthand Masterclass

We guarantee you will be writing in Teeline shorthand by the end of the day!

Students from one of our Masterclasses who had a great day!

We run 'one-day Masterclasses' in London. Learn to write Teeline shorthand in a day!! Our one-day course covers the whole theory - by the end of the day, you'll be able to write the alphabet fluently, use shortcuts and speed hints and even start taking dictations.

The morning session covers the Teeline alphabet, special shortcuts and how to form words and then sentences. After lunch students are shown an overview of the remaining theory with ways to build speed and apply the shortcuts to their own requirements.

There are exercises and challenges and a chance to take dictations, normally and in meeting style.

Included in the course fee is complimentary unlimited access to our online course (Platinum level) with full feedback and support.

Masterclass content:

By the end of the day, you will have:

  • covered the whole Teeline theory
  • write the whole Teeline alphabet fluently
  • start using shortcuts and speed building techniques
  • start taking dictations
  • form words and sentences
  • understand more about groupings, special outlines
  • receive a free upgrade to our online Platinum level course
  • For group registrations, payment by invoice and direct bank transfers, please contact us

    Here's what some of our Masterclass attendees have said about the day:

    Ease of booking: Excellent. Super glad i found the course. Super easy to book, pay for and find.

    Aim of course achieved: Excellent. Just what I needed

    Materials and handouts: Excellent. Perfect

    Presentation style and delivery: Excellent. Super class. Good natured, humoured, kind, funny and clever. Very much enjoyed the instructor.

    Course content: Excellent

    Time spent on each area: Excellent

    Venue and facilities: Excellent

    Would you recommend our Teeline Masterclass to others?: Yes

    Any other comments you would like to makeThank you.

    Ease of booking: Excellent. Very quick

    Aim of course achieved: Excellent: A good outline of the full system with the opportunity to ask questions and practice writing in Teeline.

    Materials and handouts: Excellent. Useful to have these summaries of the main theory points as a overall view of the system.

    Presentation style and delivery: Excellent. Alison is very encouraging, enthusiastic and patient. Her experience of other shorthand systems is an additional bonus in making comparisons with Teeline.

    Course content: Excellent. Valuable to have the Platinum access so can have additional support.

    Time spent on each area: Excellent. Covered the whole system during the day as outlined at the beginning of the Masterclass

    Venue and facilities: Excellent. Comfortable venue. Vegetarian option provided as requested.

    Would you recommend our Teeline Masterclass to others?: Yes

    Other Comments: Ideal overall view of the system. Also useful if previously working on one's own and needing renewed encouragement.

    Book now

    Teeline Shorthand Masterclass

    11th Sept 19

    • £ 250
    • Venue: St Giles International, 154 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 5JX, UK (map)

    Teeline Shorthand Masterclass

    Coming soon

    • £ 250
    • Venue: London


    Our tutor

    Alison Berglas


    Alison Berglas

    About Alison

    Alison Berglas is a Teeline shorthand tutor and course designer for Teeline Online. She is extremely enthusiastic teaching the skill of Teeline shorthand and note-taking and enjoys offering the personal approach when teaching students both online and in person at the one-day Masterclasses.

    Masterclass Cancellation policy

    Cancellations by the Delegate / Refunds

    Notice given by delegate (prior to course date) Applicable fee / procedure

    More than one calendar month

    Delegates may transfer free of charge to another Masterclass date.
    For cancellations, an administration fee of £50 per delegate will be charged.

    Between one calendar month and two weeks Delegates may transfer free of charge to another Masterclass date.
    For cancellations, an administration fee of £100 per delegate will be charged.

    Between one week and two weeks Delegates may transfer to another Masterclass date but an administration charge of £100 per delegate will be charged.
    No refund is payable for cancellation.

    Between one week and 24 hours No refund is payable. If delegates wish to rebook on to another Masterclass date then they will receive a 50% discount on the booking. The new Masterclass date must be booked within one calendar month of cancellation.

    Between 24 hours and start time of course No refund. No discounts. No transfers permitted.

    Where a delegate transfers their booking to another date (run by Teeline Online), the delegate will not be entitled to any refund should they cancel the 'rebooked' course, they will not be entitled to any further discounts on further bookings. Only one transfer is permitted per course per delegate.

    Teeline Online have the right to cancel the course at any time, a full refund or transfer will then apply.

    Alterations / Cancellations of Courses by Teeline Online

    It may be necessary for Teeline Online to change the content and timing of a course, the trainer, the date or the venue. In the unlikely event of the course being cancelled by Teeline Online, a full refund will be made unless the delegate transfers his or her booking to an alternative date/location for the course. For all bookings, the liability of Teeline Online shall be limited to the amount of the fee actually paid to Teeline Online by the delegate. Teeline Online will not be liable for any travel expenses or accommodation fees booked by the delegate for the purpose of attending the Masterclass. For this reason, delegates are encouraged to not to book travel or accommodation more than two weeks prior to any course date.

    Registration Information

    Registration information, including directions to the venue and timings, will be sent to the delegate by email at least 3 days prior to the event. Teeline Online will not be responsible for the non-arrival of registration information. Any delegate not receiving the registration information by 3 days prior to the event should email us at admin @ (please remove the spaces) giving a telephone number and alternative email address.



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