Helping you to build your speed

When you are learning Teeline shorthand (or any shorthand for that matter!) - you need to be able to know what speed you are able to write at - our lessons have dictations at various speeds, increasing as you progress through the lessons.

Once a theory has been learned and understood, with the help of the dictations provided, it is a good idea to move on to 'unseen' dictations. This way, you do not know what words are coming and can practice writing at speed as you would in 'real-life'.

There are so many ways to practice with unseen dictations:

  •  radio programmes
  •  ebooks
  •  television programmes
  •  songs
  •  YouTube videos (anything that involves someone speaking!)

There really is no limit.

Don't worry if you don't get all the words to start with - this will come as your speed builds. Just start with words you know, or are confident writing - not trying to take down a full passage - just words. Then you can move on to sentences (slowly at first) and again building your speed.

As you learn a particular theory point, start listening out for words or phrases containing that theory and write them down.

Remember - as long as YOU can read back your shorthand then that is what matters. You will have written the text yourself, so will know the context. Leaving blank spaces for some words that you are unsure of, you can go back and fill these in at the end - the context of the sentence will help you.

Speed building dictations

To support our students, we have over 200-speed building dictations. These are from speeds at 30 wpm through to 120 wpm. Each dictation is repeated at 10 different speeds, increasing the number of words (unseen!) as you move up through each speed. They are also categories easy, medium and hard.

Students can use these at any time to help them build speeds once they are confident with the theory.

Here are some examples of our dictations:

Insurance claim:

Here is another example


The NCTJ website also has some example passages from previous exams at various speeds.