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If you are looking to learn or refresh your skills in Teeline shorthand, you have come to the right place. As the number one accredited online learning resource for Teeline shorthand, our online course gives you all the resources you need. We take you through the basics and the theory you can then, with practice build your speeds up to 120 words a minute. There are no expiry dates - you sign up once and that is it, no further fees are required. Yes, that's right - for a one-off registration fee, you will receive unlimited access to the lessons, no renewals, no added extras and no admin fees if you wish to upgrade.

Apart from 1000s of individuals worldwide using our system, many universities, colleges and media organisations are also now turning to us to support their students and employees continue their learning remotely.

How does it work?

There are ten online lessons. There is no need to buy any books or other resources - everything you need is included in the lessons. Have a look at the extract from our lesson one to see how it works and how easy it is to follow.

There are four levels of support available, learn on your own, learn with minimal support, learn with advanced support and a level for those who are already competent with the theory and want to build their speeds

Improvers and journalists

We also support those who want to build their speeds with support from our tutor and assessments via video calls.

Personal one to one Zoom Teeline shorthand lessons.

As we are not able to run our public workshops, we are now offering one to one support via Zoom. More information


What does Teeline Online offer?

Learn Online

Complete the course online. Four levels of support are available - choose which suits you best. Learn more »


Prices depend on the amount of support you wish to receive. Learn more »


Our online course comes in four beautiful packages. Choose to work on your own or receive tutor support. The choice is yours. Learn more »

Free trial lesson

Have a look at the extract from Lesson 1 - you can see how the lessons are laid out, sample exercises etc., Learn more »

In-house courses

We offer tailor-made solutions for your organisation, college and university. View the options »


We are accredited and authorised to run Teeline shorthand by the Teeline Royalties Partnership who own the intellectual property and copyright of Teeline outlines. Read more »

Features of the four levels of support for the online lessons


  • Unlimited access to all ten lessons taking you through the complete theory with no expiry
  • Unlimited access to all worksheets and assignments
  • Unlimited access to all lesson dictations
  • Unlimited access to additional 250 dictations (30wpm-120wpm) to help with building your speed (categorised as easy, medium and hard)


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  • All the features of our Silver level, PLUS:
  • At the end of our ten lessons are a three part assignment which you can submit to our tutor by email for review and feedback
  • Our tutor will return your assignments with any corrections. She will also give you some explanation or ideas on any improvements to help you with your Teeline.
  • Once you have completed all ten lessons and had your assignments reviewed, we will issue you with a certificate of completion


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  • All the features of our Silver and Gold levels, PLUS:
  • Detailed feedback on your submitted assignments
  • Extra personally designed exercises if appropriate to support your learning
  • Support with tailoring learning to your own work environment, if required
  • Suggested high-speed cuts for your own vocabulary
  • Specific extra support in areas where needed e.g. extra dictations/ exercises/ shortcut reminders etc.,
  • One to one support from our tutor via email/ phone/ Skype/ Zoom etc.,


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  • Initial assessment video call to test current speed and advise how best to reach your target speed
  • Access to all the lessons and resources (see Silver/Gold level for detail)
  • Submission of lesson assignments for marking
  • Detailed feedback on submitted assignments
  • Submission of additional dictation practice for personal assessment from our range of speed building dictations and from the Teeline Online course resources
  • Up to two further video assessments to review progress if required
  • Extra personally designed exercises if appropriate to support learning
  • Certificate of completion


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What our students are saying

Don't just take our word for it - here's what some of our students say:

Zoom lessons

The pandemic has meant that we are all having to work a bit differently. We are now offering you personal one to one lessons via Zoom (or Skype etc.,) with access to the online lessons and Platinum level support.

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