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As well as Teeline being the easiest form of shorthand to learn - learning with us is just as simple. Easy to sign up and join - easy to learn. One off payment fee lasts a lifetime - no further costs are involved - no timescales. Our simply laid out ten lessons will take you through the theory whether you are a complete beginner or whether you want to refresh your skills.

No Brainer!!

This may sound a little obvious but why pay a large amount of money for something you can use for a limited time? With us you pay a much smaller amount just once, and can then use the course for the rest of your life.... crazy isn't it? We are not here to exploit you or take all your money.... we want to cover our costs and make a little bit of profit as our reward for providing such a good service!

Flexible - like no other!

Our course is so flexible.... you choose what you want to do and when you want to do it and how much support you want us to give you. If you would like more support, just upgrade for the difference in price between the levels. Stop and start whenever you wish - even if you have a timetable that we have arranged for you – you're in charge and you can change your targets whenever you like. You don't even need to be at a computer to do the lessons - you can download the dictations and print the PDF copy of the lesson to take with you.

We are so helpful!

We are here to help you - as much as you need us. If you join the Silver level then we will leave you to it. If you join our Gold level then we will gladly receive your end of lesson assignments whenever you wish - we will mark them and return them with helpful comments and suggestions. If you join our Platinum level we will provide you with a timetable, remind you when your assignments are due and can give you extra exercises and dictations when we feel you are ready for them.

Before you join we are also keen to help you understand anything that is not clear BEFORE you sign up .... we know the www can be a daunting place and you may be worried about signing up for something you can't see or touch or even speak to. We are happy to call any UK potential students to put their minds at rest and answer any questions you may have. If you are outside of the UK we would be happy to correspond by email until you are sure you are 100% happy.

We are approved

You will find that there are some sites offering to teach you Teeline shorthand that do not have the right to do so. We have been approved by the owners of the copyright for Teeline shorthand The Teeline Partnership - and we are happy to put you in touch them. Teeline is not allowed to be sold or printed online without their approval.

Proven track record.

Apart from being approved we have also been running our course for a number of years now. Please be aware of new organisations starting up, taking your money and disappearing - not renewing their domains or web hosting - you have been warned!!


A teacher is always available to give you personal support - you can send your work for marking and it will be returned to you complete with feedback, extra exercises and suggestions for writing your Teeline more quickly and more easily. We offer help with any issues as you go along via email, Skype or even an old fashioned phone call! More details »

Easy payment

Just a one off fee ensures you lifetime access to our lessons. Once you have finished all ten lessons come back as often as you want to refresh your skills, or build your speeds with more dictations. We use PayPal as online payment solution. If you would prefer to pay by BACS or cheque - just let us know, and we can also of course arrange an invoice for your business/organisation as you wish.

Here's why thousands of students have chosen to learn with Teeline Online

  • "Learn at your own pace and more because of the dictation exercises."
  • "Fits in with a busy lifestyle"
  • "As it was recommended by pitman as the most recognised course for shorthand"
  • "As I work full time and have two young daughters, the idea of being able to do this in my spare time really appealed to me. I like the idea of being able to do this at my own pace."
  • "As I can do it in my own time and over a longer period of time."
  • "I believe Teeline is the easiest to learn; there is no tutor lead courses where I live and so an online / recognised course is the next best thing"
  • "Set out very clearly and the flexibility of learning"
  • "It seemed the best"
  • "Its very clear, concise and easy to follow and the added dictation makes it that much more interesting. Brings back memories of my shorthand classes and my attempts to keep up! My shorthand teacher told me my outlines were "textbook" but I always found it difficult to read back! I did manage to do a 50wpm exam and later on one at 80wpm!"
  • "It offered everything I was looking for plus the price was excellent which allowed my employer to agree to pay the fees"
  • "It seemed authentic."
  • "The online learning & the examples were clearly described for learning"
  • "Seemed to be the main online course. Site was clear, especially liked example being available and costs were clearly available."
  • "There were excellent reviews, and I couldn't find anyone else providing a course on shorthand. Also, I don't have much time for teaching myself shorthand."
  • "I work at an FE College and they stopped offering shorthand a number of years ago, I've always wanted to learn shorthand."
  • "Good presentation. first lesson free taster got me interested in your methods."
  • "Flexible, I could fit it around my work and complete the assignments in my own time without pressure. It's fantastic to learn at my own pace"
  • "Online and interactive. Good reviews"
  • "Online course, own pace of learning and cost."
  • "The website seemed honest which was helped by the free lesson, and the price was a LOT better than some other websites!"
  • "Convenient and cheaper than a college course"

If there is anything further you would like to know, please contact us