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Our course is suitable for complete beginners and those who are wishing to refresh their skills. If you have done Teeline before, you can do the lessons in any order you wish and go back and revise as necessary. Our competitive prices give you unlimited access and options of the level of support. To learn about the levels in more detail and see the features, please view What are the packages and what support is available? page

There are ten lessons - each lesson is set out in a logical and clear way so that you can complete the theory and with consistent practice, achieve speeds of 80wpm to 120wpm. The lessons include drill sheets to print off to practice writing, theory exercises to test your progress and speed dictations.

By the end of your first lesson you will have covered the alphabet and you can start to write simple words and sentences. In fact we encourage and help you to start using it straight away with hints and advice on how to include it in your day to day writing. You should find that within a very short time you are writing confidently and accurately and building your speed.

The lessons consist of

  • An explanation of the theory
  • Worksheets
  • Dictation practice of the theory
  • Exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Crosswords
  • Speed dictation practice
  • Drilling exercises..... plus more

At the end of each lesson there is a three-part assignment that tests all your Teeline skills. If you sign up for our Gold or Platinum membership level you can send these to us to mark, and you will be given individual feedback. You can do this by email; attaching your work (either scanned or a taking a photo with camera/mobile phone) and sending it to us.

Gold and Platinum members receive free access to our additional dictation website www.teelinespeeddictations.com

Full details of the features and support of each level is here: Packages and support »

Meet Alison, our Tutor - she will tell you all about learning Teeline shorthand with Teeline Online

Unlimited Access

Unlimited access means you have access to the site as often and for as long as you wish. There are no restrictions or timescales on any of the course levels and you have access for life on whichever level you choose. That means you can use it when you wish and even come back at any time to refresh your skills if you want to when you have completed the ten lessons. You complete the course at your own pace. With our Silver and Gold courses we won't hassle you or set you any deadlines. If you prefer to have a timetable to stick to and helpful reminders when your assignments are due for assessment, you will find our Platinum course is the one for you. We understand that there may be a need to take a break from the course and return at a later date and if that happens, we can offer suggestions of the best way to revise before moving on.

How long will it take?

There are ten lessons in total, including two that help you to consolidate the theory and concentrate on building speed with relevant dictations. With regular practice you can complete the course, writing at speed in ten weeks. This is if you're able to work on the lessons for about an hour a day, one lesson per week in order to start building speed. And of course - we are always available at the end of an email to help you and to answer any questions you may have. We are here to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be, wherever in the world you may be.

A timetable can be set for you if you join our Platinum level - we can then send you reminders when you need to submit your assignments. Some people find this level more suitable as they need the occasional nudge to get going.

Lesson Content

Here's a sample of what each lesson covers:

  • Lesson 1 includes:

    • The Teeline Alphabet
    • Joining Consonants
    • Joined Letters
    • Combining characters
    • Forming words
    • Special outlines
  • Lesson 2 includes:

    • The vowels
    • Forming vowels
    • Special outlines and vowels
    • Vowel indicators
  • Lesson 3 includes:

    • Blending (incl SF, X, TD, CM and more)
    • Easy joining techniques
    • Special outlines
    • Groupings
  • Lesson 4 includes:

    • Using vowel indicators
    • Using vowel indicators as word endings
    • Special outlines and groupings
    • COM
    • More blends
  • Lesson 5 includes:

    • Using full vowels
    • Word endings using full vowels
    • Revision on lessons 1-4
    • Revision worksheets
  • Lesson 6 includes:

    • Consonants as word endings
    • NCE, NCH, MENT, TION, LY, TIAL endings
    • Special outlines
    • More word groupings
  • Lesson 7 includes:

    • Doubling for R
    • Doubling for L, M and W
    • Shortcuts for prefixes
    • Special outlines and word groupings
  • Lesson 8 includes:

    • Consolidation covering theory learned so far
    • Punctuation, days of the week, months
    • Dictations at 70, 80 and 90 wpm
  • Lesson 9 includes:

    • Intersecting with consonants
    • Intersecting with vowels
    • Special outlines and groupings
    • More dictations
  • Lesson 10 includes:

    • Bringing it all together
    • Recap of lessons
    • More special outlines and groupings
    • Dictations up to 100 and 110 wpm

    Most lessons include worksheets, dictations, exercises, hints etc.,

  • Hear what journalists and reporters say about the benefits of Teeline shorthand - courtesy of the NCTJ

    If there is anything further you would like to know, please contact us