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What support is available?

The course content is the same for all three levels, the difference is the amount of support that you can receive.


Detailed below are the three different support options each with differing levels of features, support and pricing. You can upgrade from one to the other at any time by just paying the difference in current price - there are no other fees charged. You cannot downgrade from one package to another.

Whichever level you join - you pay a one off fee with no time limits or extra fees incurred due to unforeseen circumstances that may have interrupted your learning. The lessons are designed for you to be able to complete the course in ten weeks, working on a lesson per week with time for consolidation and practice. However, you can stop and restart as often and as many times as you wish. You can go over each lesson as many times as you wish and take as long as you want to work through the course. Once you have completed it, your lifetime membership means, you can come back and review and refresh your skills as often as you wish.

Silver - minimum support

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This is basically a 'work on your own' membership level. You have access to all of the lessons whenever you wish, completing the theory and achieving a speed, while working at your own pace and time scale. You will be able to access the answers to all the exercises except the assignments. You won't be able to send any of your work to us for marking. You can of course, upgrade whenever you wish.

Gold - medium support

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This level includes assessment, feedback and support. At the end of each lesson is an assignment comprising three parts testing your reading, writing and speed. You can submit these assignments for marking and we will return them to you with suggestions on how to improve your Teeline outlines, or just how to write them more quickly and efficiently. If you are struggling with any particular areas we will help you with these, as well as helping you with any specific words for your own area of work that you think you might use frequently. On completion of your final assignment we will issue a certificate to confirm that you have successfully completed the online course. This is a PDF sent by email for you to print locally if you wish. There are no time limits with our Gold level - you can take as long as you like to complete it - we will leave you alone to get on with it 'in your own time'! By joining at this level you will also receive unlimited free access to our dictations only website which has 250 dictations at speeds ranging from 30 wpm to 120 wpm.

Platinum - maximum support

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This is a much more structured approach to ensure you complete the course within a timescale advised by us and agreed by you. We understand that sometimes it's hard for students to remain motivated to learn when you have other work or study commitments. This level offers the chance for you to be contacted regularly so we can encourage you and help with your progress. We will contact you on a regular basis (e.g. weekly, two weekly, monthly) to: Check how you are doing; give a reminder of submission of your next assignment; set targets of speeds that you should be achieving at each stage; remind you of special outlines and phrases you should know; suggest high speed cuts for your own vocabulary; record special dictations including your own vocabulary. By joining at this level you will also receive unlimited free access to our dictations only website which has 250 dictations at speeds ranging from 30 wpm to 120 wpm.

For corporate customers who register employees for our Gold or Platinum we also allow you to transfer the course to any other new employees as long as no assignments have been completed. This is extremely beneficial if an employee leaves without starting the course or sending any assignments for marking. Corporate

You can find the price for each of the levels here: Prices

If there is anything further you would like to know, please contact us